A quick hello before we get started…

Helllooooo cyber world.  I hope this blog finds you all doing well out there.  I’m not really sure how many people will ever actually see this blog but I wanted to share this with you anyway; the good, the bad and the ugly.  Perhaps I am using this as a form of self-therapy since emotions are running so high, or maybe I just really want to share our journey with the world so other people in similar situations will know what we went through (weather it be to provide support and encouragement in times of struggle, or to provide a bit of education for those looking to someone who has been through it already and can offer some guidance).

In any event, my name is Mr. X.  I am keeping identities of all players involved (including companies we are working with) anonymous for now, until we end up with a little nugget in our family.  We are still fairly early in our journey as I begin to write this….but more on that to come.

My husband (herein referred to as Mr. Y) and I have been married for almost two years at this point, but have known all through that time that children would be in our future. Both of us being in our early 30’s, owning a 4 bedroom home together in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles, both having a steady income, and both of us having an amazing support system of family and friends, it seemed like all our ducks were perfectly lined up for us to start this process.  We also knew this process was going to be a lengthy one.

In case you didn’t know, gay couples have a notoriously difficult time getting pregnant the old fashioned way…..




So it’s been great e-meeting you all, and I hope you enjoy reading about this journey and hope you take something useful away from it.   And to our future baby, whoever you may be, this will forever be known as YOUR story.




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